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Artistic Expressions of the Great Lakes Indians

31 Jan

The grand opening red ribbon has been cut and my eyes have been opened to the reality that…I depend far too much on today’s way of convenient living. 

The Ziibiwing Center just opened a new changing exhibit, Artistic Expressions of the Great Lakes Indians, an hour ago, and I still can’t grasp the words to describe it.

The exhibit features hand-sewn, hand-beaded clothing, bags, jewelry, baskets and much more.  All made in or before the early 20th century!

It struck me as I was looking at these tiny, intricately beaded moccasins.  A woman 150 years ago sat and sewed this incredibly elaborate pattern on one bead at a time.  No sewing machine, no factory workers, not even electricity.  This exhibition has brought to my attention how much I need to admire the little things.

There is also a large collection of handmade bags within the collection that I stared at for the longest time. Again, the bags had hundreds of beads crafted into each one of them. I then had to ask myself what many might consider a stupid question.  How did they make beads?

Simple question right? …But what’s the answer? These bags were made in the 1800’s.  I’m fairly certain they didn’t just go to Wal-Mart, race to the craft section, pick the color of their choice (at a cheap price) and buy it.

Right now I look at my bracelet, pants and even the earrings I am wearing and can’t imagine making them from scratch. I have always had difficulty becoming interested in history, but this exhibition has made me better realize what the past has done for today.

Come check it out for yourself.



Lil' Language Warriors Club

28 Jan

The Lil’ Language Warriors Club meets every 2nd & 4thThursday of the month from 4pm -5pm at the Ziibiwing Center in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The club is for 3-6yr. olds and includes Anishinabemowin language activities, games, and songs. Adult/parent participation is required.

So…we’d like to hear from you. Tell us what you learned in class OR tell us what you’d like to learn to say. This site is designed for you!

Welcome to Ziibiwing’s Blog

17 Jan

This blog is a great place to enhance your cultural awareness.  The Ziibiwing Center is the Midwest’s Premier American Indian Museum, and the best place to learn about the American Indian culture.

Click the links on the red sidebar to learn about our upcoming events, our permanent exhibit, and to find out what else the Ziibiwing Center has to offer.

As the blog devolops, we will keep you posted on what the Center is working on, and also update weekly cultural learning posts.  So be sure to come back soon!

Welcome to the Ziibiwing Center!

13 Jan


Welcome Kids!

13 Jan

This is the place to have fun and learn all about American Indian history, language, and culture!

ZC Kids2

Look here to find events, workshops, and activities going on at the Ziibiwing Center that are just for you. Coming soon we will have an activity section with word searches and coloring pages.  There will also be a page to learn all about Anishinabe culture, and games to play  to see what you’ve learned.  So come back and see us soon!

13 Jan

The Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan is the Midwest’s Premier American Indian Museum. Established in 2004, the Ziibiwing Center is a distinctive treasure created to provide an enriched, diversified, and culturally relevant educational experience through its award-winning Diba Jimooyung (Telling Our Story) permanent exhibit, changing exhibits, research center, Ojibway language immersion room, gift shop, and meeting rooms. The Ziibiwing Center is a non-profit cultural center and museum belonging to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan. Visit us at