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Collection Showing

24 Feb

On Saturday we held the Clothing and Accessories Collection Showing, a one-day, free exhibition from the collection of Tom Noakes. 


As I wandered around the table looking at the remarkable pieces of clothing worn hundreds of years ago, I was quite impressed.  I really wanted to know how Ziibiwing came up with the idea to bring these pieces all the way from Ohio.


William Johnson, curator at the Ziibiwing Center, was more than happy to answer.


“Here at the Ziibiwing Center we have a reputation of excellence.  To maintain that, we need to show new things and keep it exciting.  That’s why we work with other curators,” said Johnson.


He then said something that really struck a chord with me.  To get someone to go any place, whether it be a museum, the movies, whatever, they need to have the time, the money, and the inclination.


There’s not much the Ziibiwing Center can do to free up time, except to make it worth the trip.  I took an hour out of my day to take in a culture that literally lives right next to me and I’ve become more knowledgeable for it.  Definitely worth the time.  Time.


Cash flow seems to be tight these days, which is why going to free exhibits here at the Ziibiwing is a great cash saver!  Money.


From what I’ve seen, the Ziibiwing Center works diligently to bring new and interesting exhibits to keep the museum fresh.  These exhibits make visiting the Ziibiwing Center over and over a new journey every time.  Inclination.


Did you see the exhibit?  What were your thoughts about it?


The next collection showing is in May, so keep an eye out.





Seven Grandfather Teachings

24 Feb

Niizhwaaswi Mishomis Kinoomaagewinawaan

(Seven Grandfather Teachings)


Did you know that the Ziibiwing Kids Club logo has seven stars?

 This is to represent the Seven Grandfather Teachings. The Seven Grandfather Teachings are our core values that help us all to live the Anishinabe Bimaadiziwin, or the good life. These are guiding principles to live by, to make the Earth feel good, and our hearts, too.

The Anishinabe people believe that we must all take care of Aki (Mother Earth).  That way, the flowers, trees, and animals we need to live will be here for you, your kids, and even their kids for the next seven generations!

To take care of Aki, we must follow the Teachings of the First Elder. When the First Elder was little, just like you, the Seven Grandfathers each gave him a great gift.

The first gave him the gift of Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) and he used this wisdom to help his people.

The second Grandfather gave the gift of Zaagidwin (Love) so that we would love his brother and sister and share with them.

Next, a third Grandfather granted the gift of Manaadjitowaawin (Respect) so that he would honor everyone, all created things.  This includes mankind and our brothers, the animals, plants, and elements.

Aakodewin (Bravery) was the fourth gift, so he wouldn’t be scared to do things.  We have the courage to try things even when they are hard or scary.

The fifth Grandfather gave him Gwekowaadiziwin (Honesty) so he would tell the truth and feel good in his heart.

The sixth Grandfather gifted him with Dibaadendizowin (Humility) so he would know that he was equal to all people, no better or no less.

Finally, the boy was given Debwewin, (Truth).  The Grandfather said, “Be true in everything that you do.  Be true to yourself and true to your people.  Always speak the truth.”

The First Elder then took these teachings and passed them on to us so we would take good care of Aki.

Learn the words from the Seven Grandfather Teachings on our Let’s Learn Ojibwe page. Then color the ZC Kids logo with the seven stars and do a word find on our Let’s Play page.



Happy Valentine's Day!

12 Feb

The Ziibiwing Center wishes you and your family a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Coming soon on Saturday, Feb. 21 is a new one-day Collection Showing at the Ziibiwing Center from 10am – 3pm. It’s Free! So, bring your friends and family to check it out!

A one day Collection show that compliments the Changing Exhibition, Artistic Expressions of the Great Lakes Indians.

The Artistic Expressions of the Great Lakes Indians continues with a presentation of clothing and accessories from the Noakes Collection. The Ziibiwing Center will offer a rare glimpse into a private collection from Tom Noakes of Canfield, Ohio. The objects on display will represent the Great Lakes Tribes of the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois, Ho-Chunk/Winnebago, Lenape/Delaware, Menominee, Mesquakie/Fox, Miami, Odawatomi/Potawatomi, Ojibway/Chippewa and Shawnee. These objects have never been viewed by a general audience.

Coming Soon! New Online Store

12 Feb


The Ziibiwing Center Gift Shop will open a NEW online store…
The new online store will have over 500 product listings including American Indian handmade black ash baskets, jewelry, sculptures, and many other great gifts.


The online store will launch in April 2009!
Check back here for more details!