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Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian

21 May

Come out to Celebration Cinema with your parents Friday, May 22, to see the grand opening of the movie: “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.” Celebration Cinema and the Ziibiwing Center are working together to make your visit to the movie theatre even more exciting!

Look for the Ziibiwing Center staff at the theatre and don’t forget to come visit us at the Ziibiwing Center this Saturday, May 23. We’ll give you $1 off admission on May 23 when presented with a May 22 “Night at the Museum 2” ticket stub, plus we’ll be handing out Celebration Cinema FREE popcorn coupons.  

Don’t forget to come to the movie early! If you do you’ll see a live dance presentation and brief song right before the 1:30, 4:00, 6:30, 9:00pm shows on Friday, May 22!


Friday, May 22 ● Call for Show Times

“Night at the Museum 2:

Battle of the Smithsonian”

Celebration Cinema ● Mt. Pleasant

(989) 772-7469

Wiigwaas Collection Showing

20 May

            The Wiigwaas (birchbark) Collection Showing this past Saturday displayed authentic and contemporary Wiigwaas objects. This exhibit was on display from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and offered a unique opportunity to view pieces of art and history that have never been viewed by the public before.

            As I walked through the exhibit admiring hand crafted baskets, canoes, boxes, and torches I realized the time and talent it takes to create such unique and beautiful pieces of art. I couldn’t believe it. There were even Wiigwaas envelopes on display! Even the smallest Wiigwaas artifacts impressed me. There was even a Wiigwaas container that dated back as far as 1920.

This extraordinary collection showing opened my eyes to different kinds of art that I was unfamiliar with. I have a new appreciation for the talent it takes to be able to create such beautiful and ornate Wiigwaas objects.

            Not only was I impressed, but this exhibit caught the attention of people of all ages. I spoke with a young girl as she admired the small quill boxes which are also made out of Wiigwaas. She seemed to be in awe over the small objects and really took her time to admire the entire exhibit.

             The Wiigwaas display sparked discussions about the craft and history of these artifacts. This collection showing is a supplemental exhibit to the “Artistic Expressions of the Great Lakes Indians” and the Diba Jimooyung, Telling Our Story, permanent exhibit.

Collection Showing: Wiigwaas (Birchbark): Decorative & Utilitarian Objects

12 May

This Saturday May 16, from 10am-3pm the Ziibiwing Center will be showing a unique collection of Wiigwaas (birchbark) objects. This collection is a supplemental exhibit to the Artistic Expressions of the Great Lakes Indians and the Diba Jimooyung permanent exhibit.

The exhibit will have a variety of contemporary and authentic pieces ranging from baskets and winnowing trays to a birchbark torch and canoe model. This collection is very unique because many of these objects have never been seen by the general audience.

Birchbark is a form of art that takes an extensive amount of time to complete. Many hours put into the gathering of materials when creating these objects. It has been said that 80% of one’s time is spent gathering materials and 20% is spent constructing the piece.

What the Ziibiwing Center hopes to accomplish with this collection showing is to provide the community with an opportunity to view the objects and recall memories from the past that will bring up discussion with others.

Come be a part of the discussion this Saturday, May 16 from 10am-3pm.

Ziibiwing Turns Five Today!

7 May

Today is the beginning of the Ziibiwing Center’s three day birthday celebration. If you haven’t already heard through the grapevine, we have unbelievable prices on several items in our gift shop. Sale items include our leather Minnetonka sandals that were originally priced from $50-$90 – Now only $10 each! There is also a wide selection of purses and handbags for $10 or less, beads, knickknacks, and apparel. Come shop with us – But don’t wait too long because supplies are limited! Birthday sales last today through Saturday, May 9.

Countdown to our birthday!

4 May

Four days and counting until the Ziibiwing Center has their 5th birthday! Make sure to tell your parents to come in for great discounts on gifts from Thursday May 7 – Saturday 9. We’ll also be serving cake and lemonade on Thursday, May 7 so make sure to come in and celebrate with us! Looking forward to seeing you here!

The Countdown

4 May

Four days and counting until our five year anniversary! Mark your calendars and come in for great deals on several gift shop items from Thursday May 7 – Saturday 9. We will also be offering free cake and lemonade on Thursday, May 7 until supplies last. Stop by, relax, and enjoy this special day with us.

Fun facts about the Ziibiwing Center

1 May

Everyone has a past, a future, and then everything that falls in-between. Here are some facts about the Ziibiwing Center that may interest you:

  • September 1996 the Tribal Council awarded a motion towards the beginning development of the center.
  • It took eight years to design and develop the center.
  • The center averages 20,000 visitors per year
  • Before the Ziibiwing Center was built, the staff moved to six different locations ranging from a warehouse to poorly insulated farm houses.
  • The center owns and operates seven Indian cemeteries.
  • In the spring, summer and fall, our grounds crew mows the seven Indian cemeteries and the center’s campus averaging 12 acres of grass per week.
  • The lobby was constructed to replicate a ceremonial teaching lodge. There is a design on the floor to signify a fire with a window above it in the ceiling to signify a smoke hole.
  • The Woodland Floral design is the official design for this tribe and region.
  • All voices, stories, interviews and imagery in the Permanent Exhibit were created by volunteers within the community.
  • When entering the Permanent Exhibit, Diba Jimooyung, visitors begin their journey through the exhibit on the left. Ancestral teachings have taught that everything moves clockwise in a circle, because of this, it was integrated into the exhibit.