Collection Showing: Miniatures

9 Feb


The Ziibiwing Center presents the “Miniatures Collection Showing,” on Sat., Feb 20.  William Johnson, Ziibiwing Center Curator will be moderating the show on Sat. only from 10am-3pm. The Miniatures Collection Show will also be on display in the lobby Feb. 22-27. All show dates are free & open to the public.

 The Ziibiwing Center gives home to an awe inspiring collection of miniature artwork. These miniscule objects attest to the patience, steady hand, and creativity of the artist. Horsehair baskets by the Antone, Juan, and Miguel families of the Tohono O’odham; black ash baskets by the Crampton and Red Arrow families of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan; and dental pictographs by Kelly Church of the Grand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians will be on display. Witness the delicate beauty of these remarkeable pieces of art.                                                                     


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