Attention American Indian Artists

19 Apr

8th Indigenous Peoples Art Market

 Hosted by Ziibiwing Center & Exclusive Sponsor Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.


Art Market is an American Indian Juried Art Show showcasing Indigenous artwork, demonstrations, music & dance exhibitions, and more. There is over $16,000 in prize money with $5,000 awarded to the Best of Show. 

Art Market will commence on October 1 with a special invitation only V.I.P. Preview. The Art Market is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC October 2 from 11am-9pm and October 3 from 11am-3pm. Nowhere else in Michigan will you have the opportunity to purchase artwork from such a diverse gathering of the most renowned North American Indian artisans. 

Mark Fischer

American Indian Artists:

To be eligible for the 8th Indigenous Peoples Art Market, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. The applicant must present documentation that he/she is an enrolled member of an American Indian federally-recognized tribe or Canadian First Nation; or

2. The applicant must present documentation of at least 1/4 degree of North American Indian blood from either the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the Department of Indian Affairs.

All submitted papers must be official documents of applicant’s tribe/nation/agency/band. The Ziibiwing Center will verify all applications.

Please visit Ziibiwing’s Official Website for more details on Art Market or for an Artist Application:

*Please note: Application Deadline is July 2, 2010 

For questions please contact the Sales and Events Coordinator at (989) 775-4744 or

Dolores Purdy Corcoran


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