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Community Cultural Teaching and Feast

24 Jun

Community Cultural Teaching and Feast at the Sanilac Petroglyphs


The turnout for the Community Cultural Teaching and Feast last Saturday, June 19, 2010 was great. About 60 people attended and about half of them were newcomers who were looking for a place to enjoy the day with their families and friends. The teachings were thoroughly explained so that everyone could understand the importance of the teachings. The petroglyphs have been there for thousands of years. You can see that there is wear and tear on the stones as there is wear and tear on all things with age.

The petroglyphs are rocks containing inscriptions and symbols carved by our ancestors many years ago to pass on teachings and life lessons. With this in mind, it was told that we must remember our teachings so that when the petroglyphs and our ancestors are no longer around we can continue to pass them on. The cultural teachings and pipe ceremony were presented by Paul Stone and Nelson “Sugar Bear” Shognosh. Margaret Flamand led the water ceremony in the beautiful Anishinabe language. Judy Pamp and Stephanie Stone performed the grandmother cleansing ceremony on the petroglyph rock. This special event also included a lovely feast prepared by Glenda Begay. Overall, last Saturday’s Community Cultural Teaching had good attendance, great weather, and many families were able to enjoy great company and wonderful teachings. We hope to see you next year.


Cradleboard Workshop is in Full Swing!

15 Jun

This week began our Cradleboard Workshop which teaches attendees how to assemble their very own cradleboard from start to finish. Our 5-day event hosted at the Ziibiwing Center teaches the history and traditional methods used to make a cradleboard. There are also teachings of the male and female energy balance, making and discussing the willow dream catcher, head bow making, group photos, and more. Here is a little information on cradleboards along with a few pictures from past years’ workshops:

The Cradleboard, or in the Ojibwa language “Tikkanaagan,” have been used for generations to carry infants while keeping babies safe and comfortable.  North American Indians indicate that it was common practice to cradleboard newborn children until they were able to walk, although many mothers continued to swaddle their children well past their first birthday.

Cradleboards keep the child’s backbone and legs straight, further strengthening the neck muscles, and provide an opportunity for the infant to enhance their vision and hearing senses while being stimulated by his environment and family. 

Today, many aboriginal people across Canada still use a traditional cradleboard to keep their babies safe and protected. They are typically made with pine or cedar wood and laced together with thin strips of leather. Natives believe the flat boards will give a baby a strong, straight back, and that a soft supporting pad will help the infant form a nice rounded head.  The Cradleboard is smudged with prayers, songs and good thoughts for the baby.

Source: Accessed June 15, 2010.

Be sure to check back later for photos from this years Cradleboard Workshop!

Summer Fitness

8 Jun

Many Woodland Anishinabe families played outside when the weather was nice. They enjoyed playing games such as lacrosse, ball games, follow-the-leader, darts, and more. Today, many activities exist that do not require a lot of physical activity to enjoy such as playing video games and playing on the computer. While these activities may be fun, we must not forget the importance of exercise and fitness. No need to toss out your video games and computer, but be sure to enjoy some physical activities this Summer that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Exercise is an important factor to obtaining and maintaining fitness. There are several benefits to exercising including having more energy, reducing stress, toning muscles, and burning calories. Exercise can help to reduce your chances of getting some diseases and developing health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Exercising can help to strengthen your heart and lungs and help you to build endurance so that you won’t breathe as hard or become easily tired when doing physical activities. In addition to these benefits, being active and exercising can also help you to control and maintain your weight.

With Summer quickly approaching this is a great time to incorporate outdoor activities into your fitness plan and enjoy the warm weather. There are a ton of fun activities you can do such as swimming, jogging, biking, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, canoeing, horseback riding, skating, and snorkeling that will allow you to take advantage of the warm weather while staying fit. You could also gather some friends this Summer and play fun sports and games like frisbee, baseball, badminton, volleyball, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and tennis – this way you can enjoy the company of your friends, the warm weather, and staying fit at the same time. Who says fitness can’t be fun?

Upcoming 2010 Summer Events!

3 Jun

Summer is approaching fast and there will be several fun activities at the Ziibiwing Center to keep you entertained! Here are three of our biggest events of the summer:

June 14-18
Cradleboard Workshop

There are only 6 spots left for our Cradleboard Workshop June 14-18, 2010. Call and reserve your spot today! You will have the opportunity to create your very own cradleboard from start to finish. Pre-registration and payment are required to attend. This 5-day event will show attendees the traditional cradleboard making process. Other activities will include: making and discussing the willow dream catcher, teachings of the male and female energy balance, head bow making, group photos, and much more!

Only $25.00 per person
Mon., June 14 – Thurs., June 17 5pm – 7pm
Fri., June 18 5pm – 8pm

The workshop will take place in the Ziibiwing Center’s Discussion Room 2 (Giigidiwigamig Nizh).
To register, contact:

Yvette – Phone: 989-775-4738
– Email:

July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
American Indian Dances

Free and open to the public! 12pm, 2pm, & 4pm shows.
July 3 – Men’s & Women’s Traditional
July 10 – Men’s Grass & Women’s Jingle
July 17 – Men’s Fancy Feather & Women’s Fancy Shawl
July 24 – Social & Hoop Dancing
July 31 – Social & Hoop Dancing

Come celebrate American Indian Dance!

Summer Basketry Workshop
July 12-15 Pre-registration is required!

This 4-day event will teach participants about the art and culture of black ash basket making. Join us at the Ziibiwing Center to have the opportunity to create your own bookmark (youth) or pencil basket (adult). Learn about the entire process, from pounding and preparing ash tree splints, to forming and weaving the final product. Both youth and adults will learn about the harmful effects caused by the Emerald Ash Borer. The youth classes during the day are already filled. There are still spots open for the adult evening classes. Adult registration forms can be found online at:
The cost is $25 and space is limited. Each day classes will run from 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Thank you for supporting the Ziibiwing Center.

August 4-6

This mid-week event features several events held rain or shine. Join us for Indian Car Bingo on Aug. 4 where you can test your luck from your very own car! Lots of prizes are available. The cost is $10/person and there will be $5 specials offered as well. A $1,000 Visa gift card will be given away for the Cover-All Grand Prize. Then, bring your blankets and lawn chairs on Aug. 5 and watch comedian, Buddy Big Mountain, and live music from THE ROCKHOPPERS & Kevin Chamberlain. Free food will be available and there will be plenty of events for the kids like sports bouncers, face painting, balloon animals, and $5 caricatures. Visit us again on Aug. 6 from 10am – 3pm or Aug. 7 & 9-14 from 10am – 6pm for a special Katsina/Katchina Doll Collection Showing. These special dolls are wooden representations of the culture and history of the Hopi Indians. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement at the Ziibiwing Center!

Please visit for a complete listing of our calendar events!


Playing in last year's game

Annie Showing Off Face Painting For The Kids!

Tent Set Up

Kaleb Showing His Moves In This Picture From Last Year's American Indian Dances

Katsina Dolls

Comedian Buddy Big Mountain - This year he has a new show with a special marionette dedication!