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Collection Showing “Honoring Our Elders – Part 1”

24 Feb

This unique collection of cultural material was created by the Elders of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan. Included in the collection is a variety of artwork, such as colorful beadwork designs, beautifully crafted dolls, intricate woodworking, and other examples of artistic traditions. These forms of artwork are important to the culture because of the commitment and time needed to ensure that the traditions carry on for future generations.


This collection showing is currently open and free to the public until Saturday, February 26.

Ziibiwing Center hosts Fiber Arts Workshop through Friday, teaches basket weaving

17 Feb

A small class of 15 shuffled out a side door to watch as Jeff Church pounded an ash tree with a short tree trunk that had been already been cut down. Thirty minutes later, 14 to 15 long strips were ready to be split for basket weaving on day three of the Fiber Arts Workshop at the Ziibiwing Center, 6650 E. Broadway Road.

via Ziibiwing Center hosts Fiber Arts Workshop through Friday, teaches basket weaving.

Check out the black ash baskets!

17 Feb

Last week, 18 adults and 350 youth participating in the Fiber Arts: Black Ash Baskets and Birchbark bitings workshops were immersed in a world of art and culture. Led by artist Kelly Church, participants created their own artistic baskets and birchbark bitings.

The bitings are a rare form of art that not many people know about. “It’s an old traditional art form that is trying to be reintroduced,” Church said. “Before I learned, there were only four people in the state that knew how to do them.” The bitings are made from peeling a piece of birchbark down to one layer, folding it (similar to making a paper snowflake), then biting on it. Church described it as “drawing with your teeth.” Historically, the bitings were done while telling stories or while picking berries.

The adult workshop participants also created a traditional black ash basket as well as a vinyl blind basket to show what future baskets may look like using manufactured materials if the black ash trees were no longer available.


Miigwetch (Thank you) to all of the Artist-in-Residence participants!

There’s still time to sign up!

3 Feb

We have 6 spots left for the upcoming Fiber Arts: Black Ash Basketry and Birchbark Bitings Workshop next week. Call today to register (989) 775-4744!

The cost is $35 per person and all supplies are included. Each participant will go home with a round traditional black ash basket, a matted and framed birchbark biting (dental pictograph), and a vinyl blinds basket.

Click here to see the Fiber Arts Workshop Flyer – AIR1FlyerBasketry