New Changing Exhibit: Mt. Pleasant Indian Boarding School

13 Mar

          changing exhibit 8.5 x 11 flyer            Come experience the history that is right in your backyard.  The Ziibiwing Center’s new changing exhibit will tell the story of the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School. The grand opening of the exhibit will be held this Saturday, March 15th at 12 p.m.

            In 1891, the United States Congress established the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School. The boarding school consisted of 37 buildings on 320 acres of land, with an average enrollment of 300 American Indian students per year in grades K-8. The school operated from 1893 to 1934.

            The languages and spiritual practices of the American Indian culture were broadly misunderstood. American Indians were viewed as savages, rather than self-sufficient, knowledgeable, creative and independent people. Policymakers were uncomfortable with the American Indian culture and rendered them inferior. On May 17, 1882, The United States Congress passed a bill known as the Indian Appropriation Act. This bill allocated money to go toward building the first American Indian boarding school.

             The boarding schools were operated by churches and in some cases by government administrators. The goal was to help assimilate American Indian children by teaching them to read, write and speak the English language. It was also a priority to convert the American Indian children to European religious beliefs.

            Come to the Ziibiwing Center and learn more about the Mt. Pleasant Industrial Boarding School. The changing exhibit will run until September 30, 2014.



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