Let’s Play


Johnny Appleseed


Apples are a delicious snack, and now you can make them into something fun as well!

Items Needed:

Small apple
Candy (try gum drops, candy corn and ring candy)
Muffin cup
Spaghetti, broken in half, cooked and cooled.
Markers or crayons
Knife if you need to cut your candy



1. Decorate your muffin cup with fall colors with markers or crayons.


2. Break your toothpicks in half and use them to attach your candy face to your apple. To do this, stick the toothpicks where you want them to go on your apple and then decorate the toothpicks with your candy. 


3. Next, put on your spaghetti hair by draping it over top of your apple. Lastly, put on your hat and you’re created your own Johnny Appleseed!

You can eat this right away, or set it out for decoration. If you aren’t going to eat it right away, the spaghetti will dry overnight and you won’t be able to eat it, but it will still make a really cute fall decoration!



In American Indian lore, dreamcatchers hung above a child’s bed to catch the bad dreams before they could disturb his sleep. The good dreams would then trickle down onto the child, filling his head with nothing but happiness. 

 To make a dreamcatcher, have your child find a twig that is about 1 foot long. Make sure it is pretty flexible (willow tree branches work best), so you (the adult) can bend it into a circle. Cut and wrap some wire around the overlapping ends to hold them together. Using twine, wrap it across the circle, adding beads as you go. Make a webbed design with the beads and twine. Then, add a couple of pieces of twine hanging from the bottom of the dreamcatcher, and add a few beads and feathers to the bottom of that. Your dream catcher should l0ok something like the one below.


Leaf Wreath

Celebrate the coming Fall with this easy-to-do craft. Your little ones are guaranteed to love it!

Items Needed: Fall Leaves – make a day out of it and take your little one(s) on a walk to collect them. Let them choose their own leaves, making them feel like it’s truly their piece of art. White Glue – Elmer’s would work best. Cardboard – to create the shape of the wreath. Scissors – to cut the cardboard wreath out.

Directions: After collecting the Fall leaves, let your child(ren) draw the shape of the wreath they wish to use on the piece of cardboard. Cut out the wreath (Parents only, please). Next, let their imaginations soar! and watch as they glue leaves to their very own, homemade wreath — which you can then display after it dries!


Monarch Butterfly Celebration Activities

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page

Monarch Butterfly Word Search

Print the activities above for some Monarch Butterfly fun! And don’t forget to join us Saturday, September 15 from 1-4pm for our Annual Butterfly Celebration at the Ziibiwing Center!



Birthday Coloring Page

miishike bday coloring page





Litter Bug craft  

Make a litter bug for Earth Day. This easy craft is made from an egg carton section and some various household items you probably have lying around. This project is not only inexpensive, but is also excellent for encouraging creativity. Children have to find or change items to resemble eyes, ears, a mouth, hair, legs, etc.


  Items needed:

  • A segment of a paper egg carton
  • Glue
  • Recycling material, twigs, and other found objects, like plastic lids, bottle caps, packing material, etc.


Use a single segment of an egg carton for the litter bug’s body.

Use discarded objects to make eyes, mouth, legs, hair, and other body parts. Glue them to the egg carton segment.



Rice Crossword Answers

wild rice crossword answers


Wild Rice Crossword 

wild rice crossword



Wordsearch Answers



Transportation Wordsearch

 Click on the link below to download your own wordsearch!


transportation wordsearch 

School Maze

Help Mr. Mishiike get to school!

School Maze


Connect the Dots

Click on the link below to download your own copy of the connect the dots bicycle!

Bike Connect the Dots!



Color your very own ornament-

Ornament Coloring Page



Connect the Dots!

Click on the link below to download your printable connect the dots Thanksgiving Day page.

Leaves connect the dots



Beadwork Wordsearch


Beadwork Wordsearch

Click on the link below to download your printable wordsearch! Check back next week for the answers.

Beadwork Wordsearch

Color Magic!


Click on the link below to download your coloring page!

Little Indian Color Page


Guess that Photo!

Can you guess what teaching this is? Make sure you read the “Let’s Learn” section to help you find the answer.

Options to choose from are:

Wisdom, Love, Truth, Respect, Humility, Bravery, Honesty








Photo Hunt!


Find the photos at the bottom of the page hidden in the picture above. Make sure to check back next week for the answers! Click the photo hunt words below to download your game.

Photo Hunt


Match the Feelings!

To begin, click the link below and print out the faces, cut out the pieces and face them down on the table and mix them up. Then, lay out the pieces in several straight lines.  For example, 6 rows with 5 playing pieces in each row. Have the youngest player go first. The first player picks up a piece then attempt to match the picture on the piece she has in her hand with another she picks up. If she makes a match, she may take another turn. If she doesn’t make a match, the next player takes his turn. Continue to play in this way until all the pieces are gone. The player with the most pieces wins the game!

Feeling Face Matching game

Here are the answers from last weeks game!

Answers from last week:     Baseball, Bat, First Base, Homerun, Umpire, Pitcher, Dugout, Strike, Ball, Glove,Cleats, Helmet


Baseball Lingo

Unscrable the letters to find the word. Remember to think in baseball terms! Copy the letters in the numbered cells to other cells with the same number. Answers will be in next weeks Lets Play!

It’s Color Time!

Learn some Anishinabemowin Language while coloring the butterflies for this weekends Monarch Butterfly Celebration! Click on the link below and download your coloring page.


Butterfly Coloring Page


Photography Wordsearch

Find the word in the letters. Look out for the answer in next weeks “Let’s Learn!”

T D Y M J R T K F D Q A N S N S F S N S R D A K Z V O U N E A T Y E I H U N M T I Z Y E G R X I P O S F U S T N P N L A T E O A B E R R A T I O N S T N D S C N T S C J B F H R N I O E T O C C I H C Q X F F B V C O V E L F I O U B P B I O E E B P I I U P M Z T Z R Q M S P S V N H Y T O A O T K V I G A O G W W F H I M R Y E V R G R A R R P R M R O K O V R R M M O I C L V E T L N M N S O B Y T R O T C E L F E R V A R K E P O R T R A I T O T O H P W Aberrations Contrast Copywrite Crop Lens Magnification Mirror Negatives Panoramic Photo Portrait Reflector Resolution Shutter Spectrum Tripod

Last weeks answer:

Men’s traditional dance is the oldest dance for men and is said to tell the story of creation.







Let’s Get your Brain Active!

Match the correct letter with its number to fill in the sentence. Once you have found the correct letter and number put the number underneath its letter at the top and match the other numbers with its corresponding letter. Check the “Let’s Learn” or come back next week for your answer!




 Its time for School!

 Follow the maze to answer your questions. Its time to get those brains working again!



Mr. Mishiike Matching Game 

Download and print the matching game in honor of the Ziibiwing Center’s newest member Mr. Mishiike! Ask your parents to help you cut and play!

Mr. Mishiike Matching Game


Match the Words- Match the NativeFest Music & Comedy Night words to their Ojibwe partner.

  • Music                                       Gagiibaadaatese
  • Comedy                                  Noondaagochigan
  • Laugh                                      Madwewechige
  • Sing                                          Nagamo
  • Instrument                            Baapi

 Click Here for the Answers!



Ojibwe Bingo

Next Wednesday, the Ziibiwing parking lot will be filled with people playing Car Bingo. Practice your bingo skills and learn a few Ojibwe words woth these practice cards below.


  1. Print out these pre-made bingo cards: Bingo Cards
  2. Have a friend pull these words from a hat:

Aazhogan – Bridge     Agongos – Chipmunk     Adoopowin – Table     Amik – Beaver     Aniibiish – Leaf     Bizhiki – Buffalo     Bizindamowin – Radio     Giigoonh – Fish     Gimiwan – Rain     Gookoosh – Pig     Ishkode – Fire     Madwewechigan – Piano     Makwa – Bear     Migizi – Eagle     Miigwan – Feather     Mishiiken – Turtle     Mooz – Moose     Noopiming – Bush     Ode’imin – Strawberry     Onaagaans – Cup     Waabigwan – Flower     Waabooz – Rabbit     Waagaakwad – Ax     Wiingashk – Sweet Grass     GIDISKIN = FREE SPACE

    3. The reader should say the English word and let the players find the Ojibwe word on their bingo cards. The first player with five in a row across, down, or diagonal wins!


NativeFest Word Search

Print the word search below to find all the “NativeFest” terms!

Click here to download the word search!



Coloring Pages

Be Creative!

Color in the Ziibiwing Center Kids Club’s Logo and Mascot!

Click to Download Coloring Pages


Connect the Dots

Click on the link below to download and print yourself a connect the dots!

Can you figure out what the image is supposed to be?

Download the connect the dots HERE



How to Make Your Own Photo “Memory” Game 

1. Get your pictures ready-

Pick 8 photos of people, places, and things that you are interested in. Choose images with the same alignment so your cards look consistent (ie: all horizontal photos or all vertical photos)

2. Have your photos developed-

Take your photos to a 1-hour Photo at Wal-Mart or a similar store and have 2 wallet-sized photos printed for each of your 8 photos.  (Note: Feel free to add more photo pairs if you feel that 8 photos are not enough.)

3. Creating the cards-

Once you have your pictures back, it is time to create a back side for them. Use construction paper and cut out pieces that were the same size as the photos and then glue them together with photo-safe scrapbook glue or tape. This will make them sturdier and last longer.

4. Time to play!

Shuffle the cards and place them face down in rows. Players take turns turning two cards up to try to make pairs. If a pair is made, the player collects both matching cards and takes another turn. If the cards don’t match, they turn them back over and end their turn. The player with the most pairs wins!



Wild Rice Crossword

Use the clues to figure out this puzzle all about Wild Rice! The second link is the list of answers.

Wild Rice Crossword

Answers to Wild Rice Crossword

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Get in the spirit of Mother Earth week by enjoying this recycling word search!

Recycling Word Search

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Get the zhiiwaagamizigan (maple syrup) to the gwekiwebinigan (pancakes)!

Maple Syrup Maze


Medicine Wheel Puzzle

Unscramble each of the clue words. Copy the letters in the numbered cells to other cells with the same number. Word Scramble Version 1


Photography Word Search

Print out the file below for a fun wordsearch containing terms related to photography!

photography word search


Animals Memory Game

Print out the file below and cut along the lines to play memory with images of animals! Take turns flipping two cards over. If the cards match, you get the pair! Whoever has the most pairs at the end wins!

Matching Game


Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!

It’s not too late to create some of your own valentines to give to your family, friends, and maybe even that special someone in your life! Click on the link below to print and create some of your own special Anishinabemowin Valentine’s cards that you can share.



Winter Fun Coloring Page

Sledding Coloring Page

Print out this coloring page and decorate it however you wish!


Help the Puppy Get Back to the Boy!


Here is a humorous website that will help you learn the language — Your children will love it!







Car Bingo Word Find

Can you find the following words in the word find below?

Car                      Bingo                    Fun Truck                Game                     Prizes

   To view the answer key to this word find please visit the Let’s Explore page. __________________________________________________________________________________________   (Bonus) Make Your Own Bingo Board  

Want to play bingo at home with your friends and family?

Follow the easy steps below to play bingo at home with your family and friends.

1.   Gather some friends and family and print out a copy of the blank Bingo board below for each person. Then have each person fill in each box in the Bingo board with a number between 1 and 20. Use each number only once. An example of a completed bingo board is shown below to help you.

Blank Bingo Board:

B  I  N  G  O

Example Bingo Board: 2.   Once everyone has filled in their bingo boards, then carefully cut out the squares below that contain the numbers 1 through 20. Place the number squares into a hat or container that you cannot see through.

3.   Have someone pull a number from the hat or container and read it out loud. If you have the number that has been called then mark the box containing that number with an “X”. (Continue doing this until someone says Bingo.)

4.   When you have a whole row or column of boxes with “X”s marked on them, call out “Bingo”. If you are the first person to call “Bingo,” YOU WIN!


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